IXXO - Distributed Liquid Realities

IXXO is on-demand blockchain infrastructures, integrating email and file sharing services with blockchain.

Decentralize access rights on the blockchain, create datarooms with tracked file exchanges, and have a blockchain-powered payment API.
As opposed to other blockchains, IXXO blockchain is not for payments, but for payment preprocessing. Real payments are on traditional systems.
IXXO blockchain is openly auditable (everyone can validate its operations), and every file folder on top of it has a blockchain identity.

Introduction to IXXO
IXXO dAppBox to host applications and teams


  • * Private mail and decentralized file sharing systems for confidential operations (business secrets)
  • * Creating STO operations (datarooms, KYC, emitting tokens with liquidity providing algorithms)
  • * Applications files hosting with blockchain logic for access rights
  • * Payments preprocessing for web applications
  • * Protections of intellectual assets

Startups Networks

Instantiate instantly a Kubernetes network with custom rules for
  • Exchanging documents with proofs among freelancers.
  • Have an open source chat server that backups your message locally.
  • Have an agile project server instantiated.
  • Have a startup email server where you share account email archive through audited blockchain rules.
  • Emit an STO token, create assessment surveys, have a private dataroom for confidential information.

Collaborative Document Networks

Have anyone manage his connections among his peers, and organize his own content.
  • Create a secured decentralized work environment (online office, mail) to work with proven assets (digital identities for users, for file folders).
  • Manage access rights in novel way through smart contracts: check dappbox.io
  • Connect with either login password and/or strong key authentications (Metamask): adapt crypto complexity to all.
  • Prepare payments in stable coins on a blockchain, and link to real payments systems.

Individual Proof Manager

Import your documents on your dAppBox and prove your work
  • Automatic proof of any document in your dAppBox.
  • File history auditing.

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IXXO mailing list
IXXO mailing list