IXXO - Assets and trust tokenization

IXXO is an integrated stack to tokenize, trade and track digital and financial assets in decentralized collaborative networks: decentralized trading exchanges, decentralized teams, decentralized access rights, decentralized webmails platform, linked to auditable proofs.

We provide a unique API to simplify development: blockchain operations, file exchange operations, email backend, proof management, token exchanges and trading, keys management.

Our focus is usability. Your opportunity is a unique API to answer all your decentralized serverless needs.

IXXO nodes within a Kubernetes cloud
dAppBox API to build a decentralized app


Security tokens

Provide KYC, token liquidity and auditability to security tokens.
  • Native tokens on IXXO blockchain, balances available in any smart contract.
  • Audited KYC management system for subscribers.
  • Emit tokens in blockchain auctions with liquidity optimization.
  • Full decentralized auditability of token exchanges

Distributed knowledge management

Have anyone manage his connections among his peers, and organize his own content.
  • API to define access rights on the blockchain, triggering file synchronization among any Kubernetes / cloud nodes.
  • Blockchain proofs for file transfers and documents.
  • Automatic cloud node provisioning, key protection with simple login password access.
  • Structured forms notarized on the blockchain

Distributed work management

Get a document manager to share your work and get proofs of file exchanges, payment on work order transfer.
  • Proof of document for future litigation
  • Proof of file transfer for future litigation
  • Decentralized escrow service on the blockchain with fiat money
  • Proof of file transfer for future litigation

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IXXO mailing list
IXXO mailing list