Digital and Financial assets trusted exchange through blockchain infrastructure

IXXO develops blockchain infrastructures: a document management layer for blockchains (dappbox) and an Ethereum fork (therefore, a blockchain) that is optimized for crypto tokens trading.

IXXO nodes within a Kubernetes cloud
dAppBox API to build a decentralized app

Tokenized assets with equity or data collateral

Security tokens

Decentralized tokens emission, trading and traceability.
  • Native tokens on IXXO blockchain, balances available in any smart contract or blockchain accounts.
  • Primary market auction with advanced liquidity optimization.
  • Decentralized token exchanges for secondary market.
  • Customizable allowance management of payment accounts and EUR token provisioning on real card payment.

dAppBox documents vault

  • Lifetime blockchain proofs of documents ownership and transfers to others.
  • Data exchanges between peers tracked by the blockchain.
  • No custom plugin to authenticate.
  • Advanced files synchronization with data privacy.
  • Fully APIfied, to build your custom application on it.
  • Integrated with survey manager (notarize both files and surveys).

Equity tokens with data collateral

  • Company developing business opportunities from some data collection.

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IXXO mailing list
IXXO mailing list