Distributed infrastructure for teams or ecommerce servers
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eCommerce low code platform with double auction, blockchain integration, open source collaborative tools integration

  • • Documents P2P exchange vault with blockchain certification dappbox.io
  • • Open Source integrated collaborative stack yoo.sh

IXXO eCommerce platform

The IXXO eCommerce platform is a SAAS solution to create a marketplace with auction features.
  • Buyers auctions: buyers wanting a specific product can bid in an auction like manner, within an "orderbook", similar to stock markets.
  • Sellers auctions: sellers are also competing each other, on the same markets, to get the attention of buyers.
  • Blockchain infrastructure: all operations are "notarized" on the blockchain.
  • Open source tooling integration: the YOOSH (yoo.sh) stack is integrated to the marketplace, adding chat, videoconference, file exchanges, time tracking features to all users within the marketplace community.
  • Low code platform: IXXO eCommerce platform can be customized without coding, with advanced administration features.

dAppBox documents vault

  • Lifetime blockchain proofs of documents ownership and transfers to others.
  • Data exchanges between peers tracked by the blockchain.
  • No custom plugin to authenticate.
  • Advanced files synchronization with data privacy.
  • Fully APIfied, to build your custom application on it.
  • Integrated with survey manager (notarize both files and surveys).
  • Your private server (FTP access, SSH access)

Yoo.sh open source stack for collaboration

  • RocketChat, Jitsi, OwnCloud, Only Office, OpenProject, Matomo, Ghost blog platform, Overleaf Latex, Private YouTube, Latex platform.
  • All open source applications integrated in a global admin platform, with OpenID compliance
  • LDAP background for all applications.
  • Advanced features: record JITSI videoconference on your private NodeTube.
  • Your private server (FTP access, SSH access)

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IXXO mailing list
IXXO mailing list