IXXO - Distributed Liquid Realities

IXXO offers on-demand decentralized infrastructures, DIAAS (Decentralized Infrastructure As A Service).

We deliver collaborative networks to teams, with blockchain logic for payments and access rights management.


Small distributed teams can exchange files without giving up their files to a central operator. Open source platforms can be hosted and synchronized with a single blockchain smart contract. Payment logic can be optimized through solidity smart contract programming.

Startups Networks

Instantiate instantly a Kubernetes network with custom rules for
  • Exchanging documents with proofs among freelancers.
  • Have an open source chat server that backups your message locally.
  • Have an agile project server instantiated.
  • Have a startup email server where you share account email archive through audited blockchain rules.

Collaborative Document Networks

Have anyone manage his connections among his peers, and organize his own content.
  • Connect your cloud dAppBox (file browser) to your local agent (local file manager).
  • Manage access rights in novel way through smart contracts: check dappbox.io
  • Connect with either login password and/or strong key authentications, inside your browser module.
  • Have dedicated private keys for each of your content folder, and manage your folder object within the blockchain (feature for smart contract developer).
  • Extend your application logic with blockchain rules, including any payment scheme, and connect to banking payment systems.

Individual Proof Manager

Import your documents on your dAppBox and prove your work
  • Automatic proof of any document in your dAppBox.
  • File history auditing.

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IXXO mailing list
IXXO mailing list