eCommerce infrastructure for a distributed world

Ixxo develops IXXOCommerce, a platform with smart pricing and and offer management (such as stock markets), connected with, a platform to create online projects and collaborative work as a team. It is easier as ever to create ondemand projects among freelancers with Yoosh and IXXOCommerce integrated.

eCommerce platform with dynamic pricing
Smart distributed content platforms
IXXOCommerce open ecommerce platform, with integrated auctions and blockchain proofs for collaborative work

  • • Documents P2P exchange vault with blockchain certification, on any blockchain (Ethereum / GoChain / Cosmos / ETC etc)
  • • Best open source collaborative tools in a single offer

IXXO Commerce platform

With the "no code" IXXO Commerce solution, configure your marketplace with no code, and have extra extras that put you one mile ahead of competition
  • Eas - "no headache" seller and buyer auction setup and use: eBay was not a bad idea after all, only needed an EXTREMLY simple approach for users.
  • Blockchain to make you sound cooler: blockchain is useful if you have litigation about users, because, no proof can be faked. By chance, it's IXXO background from its start.
  • Blockchain infrastructure: all operations are "notarized" on the blockchain.
  • Whatever you need to have users interact is here, in YOOSH: video / chat / file exchange / cocoding workspaces / whatever. Best open sources solutions continuously scanned and integrated, don't recode the wheel !
  • Admin: boring, but everything is here, as for our competitor Wordpress Woo commerce etc. A wonderful support to do it for you as well, included in our pricing packages.

dAppBox distributed logic and file transfer

Why Blockchain ? Because it sounds the future. Seriously, the blockchain has good features if you and your partners want long term, no one-shot relationship.
  • Everything you give to your partners is proven (and no need to have a third party who can be corrupted, the judge is the blockchain)
  • Everything you create and author is proven.
  • And now, with latest Blockchain innovation: real money on the blockchain ! So why such a fuss about cryptocurrencies ? Ignore Bitcoin and other coins, just do escrow and payment services linked to your eCommerce platform in EUR or USD, no commission for escrow or transaction, no software vendor licence attached. Why bother ?
  • dAppBox modules: subscription management, pay per use, litigation module, access rights definition, all on a shared blockchain. Plug ANY IT system to your eCommerce platform, no API limit, your business model is now transparent. One day salespeople will understand.
  • Fully APIfied, no better: fully transparent business model available in ANY IT system, for complete integration. collaborative tools for teams

Yoosh is the best free open source tools that we integrate together (and also to your IXXO Commerce platform), with UNLIMITED usage and users. Try to find that elsewhere.
  • RocketChat, Jitsi, OwnCloud, Only Office, OpenProject, Matomo, Ghost blog platform, Overleaf Latex, Private YouTube, Latex platform.
  • All open source applications integrated in a global admin platform, with OpenID & LDAP compliance, record and store your team meetings on a "private YOUTUBE like server"
  • What is all those tech jargon ? It means: save thousands of EUR monthly with no user limits to give all your eCommerce (or your own team) users facilities to talk together. A community without communication is a dull commerce platform, make it real.

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IXXO mailing list
IXXO mailing list