Making decentralization invisible to the user

Through a new consensus, MPoA (Mixed Proof of authority) and blockchain cloud automation,

iXXo makes decentralized applications look like your good old web app.

iXXo – The Business Blockchain Protocols

1.Content distribution network, with private content nodes orchestrated by blockchain rules (based on solidity).
A trusted and audited network, where you are a certified author of your own documents, and where document transfers are tracked and proven.

2. Distributed tokens exchange features integrated in the smart contracts. Decentralized markets become programmable for dapps.

3.Cloud automation of users environment deployment, with private key protection. No browser plugin, no blockchain nodes installation, no remote hardware for key protection. Decentralization one click away.

4. Secret smart contracts: extend smart contract logic to private data. Write distributed applications that can deal with users private data, not only public data.

5. Automatic fees provisioning, from monthly subscription payments. Use crypto without being a crypto trader. Pay monthly application fees in Euros, and get your tokens provisioned for you.


iXXo use cases are those with affordable and predictable network costs for the blockchain, with certified users. Most of the businesses aspire to use the blockchain in such a way.

Structured Equity raising and ICOs

Add investors certification (“KYC”), proof of materials (certified and versioned white paper) and multi-currencies equity raising.
  • KYC is ensured by a legal frameworks extended from node miners to KYC validators.
  • Proof of materials is ensyred by the dAppBox native document tracking system.
  • Multi-currencies raising is ensured by our internal multi-currencies smart contract.
  • Bridges are ensuring ICO tokens one-to-one transfer to other blockchains once the ICO is over (currently only the Ethereum bridge is available).

Distributed document sharing with tracking.

The dAppBox toolkit tracks document exchanges in the network and notarize them on the blockchain. Our 3 customers trust our solutions on document tracking and document notarization.
  • Consent sent over the blockchain (medical surveys) – sunnylake.io
  • IP sharing (documents) - ValYooTrust
  • Containerized cloud with native notarization - Teralab

Private query network

The secret smart contract can allow specific queries to run in a private mode (without revealing the data). Our customer trusts our private query technology on files of 150GB.
  • Genetic querying – genomes.io

Trading applications

Use our decentralized exchange features in solidity to provide new applications
  • Alternative crypto trading platforms
  • Crypto asset management decentralized applications
  • Account delegations (using the same access rights framework as the dAppBox)


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Privacy-enabled distributed applications trusting iXXo

Current projects building their distributed applications on iXXo network


Personal Genomics Analysis DAPP

Perform genomics medical tests on android devices. Do not store the user DNA file, as you are not entitled to own his inner identity secrets.
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iXXo mailing list
iXXo mailing list

iXXo is developed by Lambda Vision SAS (France, registration number 827 651 712 RCS)