Laurent Grangeau
IXXO cloud appliances

Laurent Grangeau is a cloud solution architect. He is helping us defining the IXXO toolkit for the cloud
Bruno Larvol
Cryptobusiness Advisor

Bruno Larvol is a serial entrepreneur, cryptocurrency advocate, and founder of a new blockchain venture leveraging tokenization technology in the digital asset space. This venture utilizes blockchain smart contracts to address the need for immutable asset ownership on a distributed ledger as well as its application toward the creation of social communities mediated through the blockchain. Bruno began exploration of the blockchain world in 2014 when he started investing in Bitcoin and other digital currencies. He currently serves as an advisor to other blockchain start-ups such as Fieldcoin, which applies tokenization to land management, and IXXO, a project building a more efficient blockchain through novel consensus approaches. Bruno is the Founder and Executive Chairman of The Larvol Group LLC, a software and data services company in the healthcare space with a fully distributed workforce of 120+ telecommuters. Prior to Larvol, he founded several technology and healthcare ventures. He has worked previously with industry leaders such as IBM Healthcare Consulting and Lehman Brothers, and holds an MBA with distinction from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.