IXXO is an infrastructure to deploy custom Kubernetes clusters. Those clusters have connections with the IXXO blockchain.

IXXO is providing “infrastructure as a service” for decentralized application. It is like the Azure cloud, but for decentralized applications requiring data privacy, tracking of data transfers, audited management of access rights, regular proof of content (such as “e-soleau envelope”, but on the blockchains).


Companies of all size, wishing to control their data usage through the blockchain.

We require to have:
1. Euro as a token
2. Low fee (less than 3%) for any transaction, whatever smart contract with possibly high complexity is used.
3. Full programmability of smart contracts (as Solidity).
4. Really decentralized infrastructure (no “intermediary node” to connect to the blockhain).
5. Blockchain identity of file folders (in order to do logic on content).
We want a pragmatic blockchain that can be used as an API solving the 5 above points.

The Blockchain is private and auditable publicly. Anyone can assess real time the fact that ixxo, the blockchain operator, is not changing the game rules.

It using EURO, therefore there is no volatility of tokens with manipulated prices. It is open to real financial transactions, therefore not complex to connect to bank accounts. It is connected to a distributed file system, allowing many content orchestration patterns.

No. MPOA, described in our white paper.

Yes, there will be 2 tokens. The EURO token and a token for the blockchain usage, with a fixed conversion rate to EURO, adjusted every month only.

Block-producer nodes are hosted by IXXO, or affiliated independent and audited actors. Their incentivization scheme is yet confidential.

No, only the proofs system so that anything computed on IXXO blockchain can be validated as true facts by any developer. Open source software are therefore the proof system verification tools, that proves everything is done in due diligence. Similarly, IXXO blockchain content can be audited in real time by installing a new node.

Golang for the backend, VueJS and Angular 6 for front-end.

All proofs are duplicated in other blockchains.