The IXXO eCommerce platform creates a market similar to stock markets. Buyers are competing with each other, and sellers as well, in the same market.

Such markets are useful for standardized products, such as cars, watches, phones, with limited options

The dAppBox platform (fully APIFied) integrates with the IXXO eCommerce platform to certify the exchanges on the blockchain, such as the proof of product transfer through shipment, and transfer of property documents

The dAppBox sent proofs on Ethereum compliant blockchains: Ethereum, Gochain, and custom private Ethereum blockchain (POA protocol) if required.

The IXXO eCommerce can integrate the following elements
1. RocketChat: add chat interaction with your users, once a transaction is going on (before buying, or after)
2. OwnCloud: share documents within users, depending on the payment workflow, or "auditor" workflow
3. OpenProject: create projects related to some deal with your users.
4. Jitsi: create videoconferences virtual spaces between your users, and record interactions if required.
5. NodeTube: add video channel for each users.