The team behind and (Lamda Vision SAS) are rebranding to - please use this domain going forward for our project. The team at and the GBX Sponsor Firm (Rockchain Limited) is a separate and independent entity and will be supporting our IXXO project in an advisory capacity and will be consolidating the Rockchain brand going forward.

Date 3 August 2018

IXXO speaking at Blockchain Agora

Date 7 November 2017

IXXO speaking at Cloud Expo Europe

Date 28 November 2017

IXXO speaking at Bitcoin Wednesday Amsterdam

Date 4 October 2017

IXXO at the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference, Stockholm

Date 7 September 2017

IXXO at ICO summit, Zurich

Date 15 September 2017

Speaking at ICO roadshow, Seoul

Date 6 September 2017

Speaking at Blockchain Dublin

Date 13 September 2017

Distributed datascience with IXXO, Paris

Date 13 July 2017

IXXO presentation in Bruxelles

Date 12 June 2017