Distributed systems consulting with focus on the Ethereum blockchain in the financial sector

Ixxo is specialized in architecturing distributed infrastructures in the financial sector.
Our focus is blockchain infrastructure, bond, derivatve and structured financial products onchain, custom operations privacy and keys custody.
Our skills are technology, financial modeling and blockchain ecosystem understanding.

We participated in 3 technical implementation of custom bond onchain emission, with KYC, portfolio management, bond redemption, onchain coupon computation. We dealt with onchain EURO operation modeling and technical implementation with licensed bank proxies, SWIFT operations connections.

Past customers profiles:

  • • 2 major European banks.
  • • One major German Hedge Fund (as an innovation branch)

Blockchain infrastructure skillset

Specialized in the backend distributed insfrastructures for the financial industry
  • Go-ethereum: Ixxo helped implementing a custom consensus protocol derived from clique in golang, that was deployed in an hybrid corporate environment on legacy Kubernetes, Google cloud and Azure.
    In custom research projects, Ixxo extended the solidity compiler for supporting decentralized exchange trading operations.
  • Key-custody: Ixxo implemented key custody on Azure Vault, Hashicorp Vault and Google Cloud Vault.
  • Blockchain notarization: Ixxo developped dAppBox, an automatic notarization P2P file exchange mechanism, based on syncthing (golang)
  • Smart contract automatic API: Ixxo developped autognerated GraphQL APIs in nodeJS / typescript from solidity source contracts.
  • Solidity for finance: IXXO developed stable coins, bonds and bond portfolio smart contracts in Solidity
  • Custom orderbook: development of an advanced orderbook matching engine attached to blockchain operations for the retail world, dealing with custom product attributes in the matching.

IT skillset

Specialized in backend distributed infrastructures and trading.
  • Languages: .NET, Java, Python and Golang, Solidty
    Hand on haskell and Unison
  • Machine learning: Python Jupyter to simulate the tokeneconomics of a native blockchain token (token producers and consumers dynamic equilibrium)
  • Security: analysis of the various possible attack on a blockchain, with frameworks to reproduce the attacks.
    MEV, displacement or insertion frontrunning, clique based sealer replacement, cloning attack
    Developped a framework based on toxiproxy to simulate malicious behaviors.
  • distributed file system integrated with blockchain for access rights (our custom dAppBox project)
  • Specialized in optimizing technical trading user interfaces (WPF and web based)

Devops and cryptography

  • Docker based deplyment of apps, puppeth, portainer, Keycloack centralized right management, packages management with Nexus
  • Custom infrastructures to test a consensus sealers mining behavior (with programmable network interruption, clustering, DoS attacks)
  • MPC (multiparty computation) expert with the inhouse development of a golang MPC framework based on the best practices. Open Source Framework available at Javascript MPC
  • Shamir Secret Sharing, El Gamal encryption preserving additive properties on encrypted data.
Internal research (creating proof of concept to remove some blockchain limitations)

  • • Golang based 2 nodes MPC framework that interprets and compiles Javascript (limited in Syntax to be Turing complete) in a provable 2 node private script execution.
  • • Extension of Solidity compiler to add token exchange capabilities.
  • • Real time reporting on smart contract content with Erigon node.

IXXO research papers
Featured non financial customers deployment

We bring the financial leverage of blockchain infrastructure to other areas, custom trades in the luxury market, and workflow logic in siloted competitive research teams.

Online retailer for luxury watches with onchain auctions
Deployment of an online stored with double auction (as a stock market) backed up with blockchain trades and proof of product authenticity.
Universities research center onchain document sharing
Manage search and folders sharings based on programmable blockchain rules.

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